25 LIVES by Lisa Carver

For this new book, Lisa interviewed 25 fascinating people, who tell their stories in their own words. “25 of the most unusual people I could find to talk to. A murderess, a serial killer escapee, a millionaire, a nillionaire, an underwater man, a happily untreated schizophrenic, living in Israel, walking through Sudan, severe Catholicism, a woman who is like a doll, a very old person, someone who has been in over a hundred fistfights, an international model, a tiny man with one eye and hearing aides who finally got treated like a human being only when he crossdressed, a woman who kept losing children, a man tortured in jail for a crime he was never even charged with.” 128 digest pages, perfectbound. Color covers, ALL TEXT interiors. $15.00 (Lucky Press)


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