BOTTOMS UP: True Tales of Hitting Rock Bottom, ed. by J.T. Yost

Cartoonists depict their lowest lows — from alcoholic collapse to body issues/eating disorders to mind breaking heartache to drug abuse, sex addiction, and other psychoses. What could be a relentless slog through misery instead feels like a crucial document of human resilience. Artists include Haleigh Buck, Kevin Budnik, Max Clotfelter, Nate Doyle, Rachel Dukes, Mike Freiheit, Tatiana Gill, Viktor Kerlow, Karl Christian Krumpholz, Liz Lunney, Daniel McCloskey, Fred Noland, Adam Pasion, Summer Pierre, John Porcellino. Kevin Scalzo, Karl Stevens, Michael Sweater, Meghan Turbitt, Noah Van Sciver, J.T. Yost, and lots more! Front Cover by Ben Passmore, back cover by Danny Hellman, title pages by Josh Bayer and J.T. Yost. 257 page paperback, 6″ x 9″, full color covers, black and white interiors. (Birdcage Bottom Books)