FACE MAN by Clara Bessijelle

This fantastic comic is a great introduction to Bessijelle’s work: Dark and ominous, yet playful, and rendered in detailed graphite, Faceman is a weird and warped tour de force, returning one to the heady cultural days of the Weimar. Highly recommended. “A theater critic attends an incomprehensible play. Forced to write about the it, he finds he can’t remember a single detail. He attempts to ask the box office clerk to summarize the plot but instead she misunderstands him and the critic finds himself forced to view the performance a second time. While sitting in the theater, a man begins to follow him, always one step away. Slowly the critic becomes entangled with events that will force him to question his ‘identity’—a problem that sets him onto a collision course with the powerful Identity Group.” 24 pages, 8″ x 10″; color cover, b+w interior. (Domino Books)


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