FOLRATH Part One by Zak Sally

This autobiographical account of the time in his early twenties (the early 90’s) when Zak Sally forged a Greyhound bus pass and traveled the American West with no destination in sight is a crucial document of a time that is in danger of being forgotten, but paved the way for the culture of today. Dumpster diving, drugs, freeway overpasses, self-loathing and a desire to truly understand the self all figure prominently in the story. Truly a remarkable read; I can’t wait for Part Two! Guest stars Mr. Mike, Aaron Cometbus, John Porcellino, Peter Bagge, and more. Highly recommended. 100 pages, 5.25″ x 7.5″, two color riso covers, purple riso interiors. (La Mano 21) NOT COMICS.


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