FRIENDS FOREVER DVD dir. by Ben Wolfinsohn

From the ashes (?) of Denver noise band Secret Girls came Friends Forever, a rock group that doesn’t play rock, doesn’t record, and doesn’t play in clubs or other venues. Instead they travel the country, parking on the street or in vacant lots, and performing from inside their converted VW Van. Featuring Ben and Nate and their lighting technician Jenn, along with a few dogs, Friends Forever destroy whatever notion of rock n roll you may have left and replaces it with fireworks, fire, sonic onslaught, and freedom. This funny, beautiful documentary follows the band across the west coast as they blow minds from one curbside to the next. 1 hour 20 minute DVD, with 40 minutes of bonus materials. (This is a cutout, with a small puncture hole in the barcode.) (Plexifilm)