GANGES #5 by Kevin Huizenga

“In this, the fifth issue of his series Ganges, which started out as part of the Fantagraphics/Coconino Press press Ignatz series and is now being self-published … Huizenga looks at time, and our experience of it, in all it’s diversity, in the present and through the lens(es) of history. While there must be an objective temporal dimension that exists regardless of any perception of it, we do not fully comprehend what this is; our human experience of it is wholly subjective. The interlinked stories that make up this issue (and which extend from the previous two issues, as well) reveal time to be the most basic building block in the construction of consciousness, and history – in its largest and fullest sense, encompassing archaeology and even geology – as the essential structure that houses those accrued conceptions by way of which we work with time as well as in and through it.” — Bill Boichel, Copacetic Comics. 36 full-sized pages, duo-tone throughout. (Self-published)


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