JÉRÔME ET LA ROUTE by Nylso and Marie Saur

Nylso, along with his partner Joelle Manix, and Laurent Lolmède, were the first people to take much notice of my work outside the usual zine channels.  In the early 90’s they began publishing my work in their little magazine Le Simo.  So it’s with great pride that I offer these beautiful Nylso comics to you.

Jérôme is a young bookseller in a  small town, but it’s too hot and customers are scarce, so he decides to take a trip to the big city with his friend Sultana.  A few young girls want to go too, so via train, bicycle and wagon, they set out on their journey. Jérôme et la Route is a gentle, lyrical story, full of natural wonder, with many beautiful wordless passages.  112 page paperback, with French flaps, 7.5″ x 7.75″, color covers, black and white interiors. (Éditions Flblb) IN FRENCH.


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