MIMI AND THE WOLVES ACT III: “The Howl” by Alabaster

“The third book in an epic tale of affairs, alliances, and friendships in a quest for power and self-discovery~ It’s getting cold in Hilly City. Mimi, Ergot, and Ivy now have a special Chalice, the envy of the Evergreen Woods. Mimi becomes somewhat of an interloper; she attends a moonlit howling ceremony with a slick wolf named Nero, and is also introduced to Copper’s pack. She wants to absorb as much wolf culture as she can, but the three groups don’t necessarily get along. Meanwhile, a mysterious unmarked letter makes its way to Shady Island Farm. Who’s the letter for? Find out!!” 80 page softcover, with two color covers and beautiful black and white interiors. (Self-published)


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