MINESHAFT #38 ed. by Everett Rand and Gioia Plamieri

The always fantastic Mineshaft returns with more of the great underground-inspired work it’s known for. This time: Old Circus Photos; Obscure Comedians by Drew Friedman; Found Photos by Aleksander Zograf; comics by Christoph Mueller, Fay Lovsky, Art Young, R. Crumb, Noah Van Sciver, Pat Moriarty, and Art Spiegelman; Disney World Diary by Aaron Lange; a Review of Bruce Simon’s The Lady Who Used to Feed Him Has Moved Away by Justin Green; letters to the editor, and much more! Always a delight, Mineshaft is one of the great zines going today. 52 digest pages, two color covers, luxurious black and white interiors. (Mineshaft Publishing)


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