MONSTERS (2nd Ed.) by Ken Dahl (Gabby Schulz)

This amazing book delves into the personal side of a disease few people want to discuss– Herpes– in a brutally honest, yet side-splittingly funny way.  While accurately rendering the emotional swings of dealing with chronic illness– its profound effect on the individual as well as all those around them, their relationships, self-confidence, and self-perception– Schulz has pulled off the seemingly-impossible:  this book had me laughing out loud. “Part fiction, part deranged educational film strip, Monsters explores the physical and emotional traumas of an STD that affects no two people the same. Dahl cements his status among the best cartoonists of his generation with this brutally sincere account of disease and self-acceptance.”  One of the best books of recent years.  212 page flexibound book, color covers, b+w interiors, 7.25″ x 7.25″. (Secret Acres)


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