REAL DEAL by Lawrence Hubbard and Harold McElwee

Occupying the fringes of alt-comics and outsider art since the late 80’s, Real Deal “depicted everyday life in the inner city as a never-ending gauntlet of hate, rage, and violence, always ending in mayhem, but not without a healthy dose of bone-dry humor to balance things out. One of the few contemporary African-American created and published comics, Real Deal embraces unbridled political incorrectness in order to depict how the futility of poverty and illiteracy drives people to extremes.” This beautiful book collects the entirety of Real Deal‘s output, plus a new introduction and interview with Hubbard himself. Highly recommended. 166 page hardcover with embossed cover, 11.25″ x 8.75″, color and black and white interiors. (Fantagraphics)


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