ROCTOBER #52, ed. by Jake Austen

After too long away, editor Jake Austen is back with a brand-new issue of the singularly fantastic music and comics magazine, Roctober. Longtime fans from way back when will be delighted, and there’s no better jumping in point for new readers than here. In a world of Bullshit and Hype, Roctober is home to pure, sincere rock n roll enthusiasm — for ALL kinds of music: Rock, Blues, Country, Soul, Disco, R&B, Punk. Featuring massive, in-depth interviews with both musical stars and musical scrappers, and art and comics by a stellar array of underground artists, each issue of Roctober will lead you down countless rabbit holes of pure joy. Could not come more highly recommended!

This issue features interviews and articles on: The Shaggs, Divine, Holle Thee Maxwell, Linda Gail Lewis, Will Glover and the Pyramids, Ozone, Blondie’s X-Offender, Melleny Melody (Mellefresh), 1-800-BAND, Marc Maron, Willie Nelson, Samhain, KISS, and SO MUCH MORE. Comics and Art by John Porcellino, Matt Feazell, Christoph Meyer, Slow Poisoner, K. Thor Jensen, plus lots more. And the usual amazing SHIT-TON of reviews. This issue comes in a bag with a selection of Hall of Dynamic Greatness Trading Cards (Our choice, please…) 126 full-sized pages, color and black and white interiors (Roctober, Inc.)


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