Š! #23: Redrawing Stories From the Past

This new issue of Š! is a bit different than usual. It collects comics from five young European artists. Each of them has shed some light on one of the darkest periods in Europe’s history.  Using different approaches they tell stories about victims of National Socialism (Nazism) based on incidents and biographies found and researched during the project “Redrawing Stories From the Past.” Accompanied by a comic artist and theorist, they were supported in their research and work for almost a year. The stories illustrate a  rather unseen, forgotten or even marginalized part of our collective memory, and give voice to the lives of people who have not been heard before. Cover: Paula Bulling (Germany); Contributors: Mārtiņš Zutis (Latvia), Max Baitinger (Germany), Paula Bulling (Germany), Vuk Palibrk (Serbia), Zosia Dzierżawska (Poland), and a postscript by Ole Frahm (Germany). 188 page perfectbound paperback, 4″ x 6″, full-color, in English. (KUŠ)


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