Each issue of Š! is a themed collection of comics from all over the world (in English!), by established cartoonists and new-comers alike. Beautifully edited and printed, there’s no better way to get a handle on the great comics being made today than an issue of Š!

#31: “Visitors” — Cover: Aisha Franz (Germany) // Contributors: Aisha Franz (Germany), Anna Sailamaa (Finland), Emelie Östergren (Sweden), Inés Estrada (Mexico), João Sobral (Portugal), Jyrki Nissinen (Finland), Kerija Arne (Latvia), König Lü. Q. (Switzerland), Léo Quievreux (France), Liana Mihailova (Latvia), Līva Piterāne (Latvia), Marie Jacotey (France), Matti Hagelberg (Finland), Mikkel Sommer (Denmark), Nicolas Zouliamis (Belgium), Olive Booger (France), Powerpaola (Ecuador), Renata Gąsiorowska (Poland), Tetsu Kayama (Japan), Titas Antanas Vilkaitis (Lithuania), Vivianna Maria Stanislavska (Latvia).

164 pages, 5.75″ x 4″, full-color, perfect bound softcover (KUŠ)