SADIE, WOLF, AND FRIENDS ed. by Lisa Carver

Lifelong writer, performer and musician Lisa Carver (Rollerderby magazine, Suckdog) has two amazing children. Wolf was born with VCFS, a chromosomal disorder that has made life difficult, but his brilliance, kindness and smarts have allowed him to live a fulfilling, creative, and open life. Sadie is a whip-smart bundle of energy, full of sass and humor. Over the years, Lisa has recorded their fascinating, funny, truthful conversations, and this book collects the best of them. Ponder such topics as the Walton Boys’ haircuts, dating, and whether you should joke about everything (you should). This is a wonderful book, full of life. 164 pages, 5″ x 8″, color covers, ALL TEXT interiors. (Self-published)

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