THE DREADFULS SPECIAL ed. by Ryan Standfest

“To mark the 10-year anniversary of Rotland Press, this all-new 32-page anthology celebrates the popular series The Rotland Dreadfuls. Presented here is a collection of fresh misadventure, giddily paying tribute to all manner of dreadfulness. Comics by Clara Bessijelle, Cole Closser, Johnny Damm, Kayla E., Shary Flenniken, Ben Jones, Christoph Mueller, Ethan Persoff, Stéphane Rosse, and R. Sikoryak; stories by Brian McConnachie and Matthew Licht with illustrations by Michael Kupperman and Ivy Manska. The cover, by Ian Huebert, is an homage to the 18th and 19th century handbills that advertised sensational, scientific, silly and startling attractions— appropriate for this handsomely designed, timeless volume of garish amusement.” WOW! 32 digest sized pages, black ink on tan paper. (Rotland Press)


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