THE PORTABLE NOT MY SMALL DIARY ed. by Delaine Derry Green

This paperback collection compiles the best of Delaine’s legendary auto-bio comics anthology, with work by John P., Jerry Sims, Ben Snakepit, Ramsey Beyer, Dave Kiersh, Julia Wertz, John Miller, Hellen Jo, MariNaomi, Derek Ballard, Cara Bean, Jeff Zenick, Carrie McNinch, Noah Van Sciver, Liz Prince, Jesse Reklaw, Dan Zettwoch, and many, many more. Over 80 contributors in all! Includes an introduction and index to every cartoonist who’s ever appeared in NMSD. A great introduction to one of the most important comic-zines in history… 216 pages, 5.5″ x 8.5″, color covers, b+w interiors. (Self-published)


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