“THE SOCIAL DISCIPLINE READER collects the best of Ian Sundahl’s self published series Social Discipline, much of which is hard to find or out of print. …Sundahl mixes beautiful figure drawing and tightly controlled storytelling over a template of pulp to express a personal attitude. So many cartoonists invoke older cartooning aesthetics but the end result is often cheap tribute or pastiche. Sundahl’s work, on the other hand, would be at home as a obscure men’s magazine insert or as contemporary naturalistic storytelling/pseudo-autobiography.” This book is Domino’s attempt “to present the aesthetic and tone of the beautiful self-published Social Discipline series in one solid punch. With Sundahl acting as co-editor, we’ve culled the Social Discipline archives and selected a suite of drawings and stories, wrapped in an all new cover. Some of this material is no longer available as the original zines have long ago gone out of print and we’re excited to make it widely available to readers.” 40 pages, 8″ x 10″, black and white throughout. (Domino Books)


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