THETH by Josh Bayer

THETH, Retrofit’s first book with a spine, is an 80 page epic story of the naieveté of youth, the struggle to survive the circumstances we are placed in and the ways we are influenced by those around us for better or worse. ”Theth”, or Seth (with a lisp) is made fun of by his peers, criticized by his family and hated by the owners of the local comic shop. In Josh Bayer’s unique style we see Theth going to school on the day after John Lennon was shot. All Theth wants to do is read comics but school bullies, home bullies, teachers and weirdoes keep getting in the way. Where can Theth turn to escape from this horror? 80 pages, 7.5″ x 10″, black and white, perfectbound paperback. (Retrofit/Big Planet)


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