THREE #3 ed. by Robert Kirby

The third issue of this queer comics anthology is a bruiser! It includes stories from Ed “Wuvable Oaf” Luce, Janelle Hessig and Matt Runkle (on Dolly Parton), a crazy jam comic with work by Howard Cruse, Diane DiMassa, Rob Kirby, Ellen Forney, Joan Hilty and Ivan Velez Jr., plus artwork and sketches from MariNaomi, Marian Runk and more. But the highlight has to be Carrie McNinch’s 14 page autobiographical comic about discovering she was gay, IN FULL COLOR. It’s become rare to see a long-form comic from Carrie like this lately, and it’s a wonderful, welcome return! 36 half-legal pages, full color throughout. Highly Recommended! (Rob Kirby Comics)


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