TIN FOIL #4 ed. by Floyd Tangeman

The “Collaboration Issue,” in which each piece is the product of at least two artists working together. This is a wide-ranging, border-transcending collection of modern comics… Featuring Sam Seigel, Claire Bivins, Zack Bivins, Cristian Castelo, Miles MacDiarmid, Maya Djiji, Maybe Later, Nina Solinas, Alisa Massery, Nick Fowler, Minnie Slocum, Harley Healy, Sawyer Arkilic, Jade Mar, Simon Koza, Shen, Jeremy McBrian, Alex Corbett, Griffin Musser, Eli Strieff, Edan Mor, Tal Mor, Chaia Startz, Ethan Crain, Sarah Kirby-Smidt, Sadcloud, Mynx, Austin English, Marlene Frontera, Michael Arter, Ricky, Olga Corcilius, Fried World, Virgil Warren, Isaac Leahey-Leow, Hans DeHaas, Floyd Tangeman, Goodboy Evil. 48 full-sized pages, full color throughout. (Domino Books/Dead Crow)