NOG A DOD: Prehistoric Canadian Psychedooolia ed. by Marc Bell


As Marc writes in his introduction, “Nog a Dod is the filtering down of material that originally appeared in self-published booklets created by a loosely affiliated group of Canadian artists between approximately 1995 and 2005.” These artists were at the forefront of what was briefly known as “Doodle-Art,” but that appellation doesn’t do justice to the genius and variety of detourned photos, collage, zine art, painting, drawings and collaborations collected here. This beautifully printed book from Conundrum gathers the cream of that crop, with extra notes and historical information provided by editor Bell. Artists include: Jason McLean, Peter Thompson, Marc Bell, Owen Plummer, Mark Connery, Maura Doyle, Julie Voyce, Tara Azzopardi, Amy Lockhart, Robert Dayton, Keith Jones, and many more. This is a must have for people interested in the history of zines, comix, and/or underground art. 288 whopping pages (96 is full color!), 6.5″ x 8″. (Conundrum Press/Picturebox)


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