THE COLLECTED JOHN G. MILLER 1990-1999 by John Miller

The astoundingly original comics of Scottish artist John Miller aren’t too hard to describe:  just a hallucinogenic mix of Jack Kirby, 70’s pop music, aliens, mind-readers, superheroes, lizard-men, and buttery nostalgia, drawn in a mind-expanding op-art style that explodes off the page in waves.  This book collects the best of his 90’s output, featuring such Miller standbys as the mysterious, telepathic Ghosty, the fantastic Jimmy Battleflash, and Captain Bum-Bee.  The book also includes surreal autobiographical strips such as Teenage Pyromania, Revelation of Love, and It Was the Day of the Lizard Man, plus much much more.  A revelatory collection from one of the lesser known, but most unusual underground cartoonists of our time. Highly recommended.  168 pages, full color back cover, 8.25″ x 11.75″, perfect-bound.  (Braw Books)


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