BUBBLES #13 ed. by Brian Baynes

Bubbles has quickly become one of the crown jewels in comix fandom, with intelligent, FUN writing about comics of all kinds, plus great art from many of today’s most intriguing cartoonists, plus reviews etc. This issue features Five Interviews: Noah Van Sciver, Alex Graham, Joe Kessler, Viktor Hachmang, Collective interview with five Risograph presses: Riso Lab SVA, Tiny Splendor, Perfectly Acceptable, Cold Cube, Lucky Risograph; Three Articles: Yves Chaland’s F.52, A “Favorite” Comic by Cory MacDonald, A New Translation on Being Human by Ash Wyatt, Interglacial: R. Kikuo Johnson’s Night Fisher & No One Else by Jeff Alford; Two Original Comics by: Meg Mills, and Angela Fanche; and an exclusive 20 page insert zine of unused pages from Noah Van Sciver’s masterful Joseph Smith and the Mormons. 56 full-sized pages, black and white throughout. (Bubbles Publishing)